Woman’s Membership
Any woman who is interested in furthering the objectives of the organization shall be eligible for membership. Annual Dues are $25.00.

Men’s Auxiliary Membership
Any man who wishes to provide assistance and support to The Woman’s Club of Aransas County may join the Men’s Auxiliary by making an annual donation to The Woman’s Club equal to the annual dues.

Contact: Jean Holland (361) 727-0927.

Charter Members

  • Mrs. Fred Booth
  • Mrs. Fred Bracht
  • Mrs. Arthur Bracht
  • Mrs. Weldon Cabaniss
  • Mrs. Fred Christilles
  • Mrs. C.C. Fowler
  • Mrs. Fred Hunt
  • Mrs. James Jarboe
  • Mrs. Joe Johnson
  • Mrs. J.R. Mills
  • Mrs. R.R. Rice
  • Mrs. C.F. Rozell
  • Mrs. Emory Spencer